Bike Locker Permit Application



1. The County and the Employee Transportation Program disclaim any liability for the loss of personal
property stored in the bike lockers.


2. Bike Lockers are reserved for workday storage of bicycles only.


3. The County and the Employee Transportation Program reserve the right to revoke this permit at their


4. The user understands and agrees that this locker permit is issued because the user frequently commutes
by bicycle to the Government Center complex or off-site County location. If regular bicycle commuting
ceases, the user agrees to relinquish this permit, vacate the locker and notify the Employee Transportation
Coordinator at 805-654-2051.


5. If a locker appears to be unused or abandoned, the Employee Transportation Coordinator will contact
the registered user by telephone or e-mail and by posting a written notice on the locker. If the user cannot
be found and if a response to the written notice is not received after five (5) working days, the County
retains the right to cut the lock and remove the locker contents.


6. The user agrees to keep the padlock (provided by the user) in a clean and rust free condition. Please see
a list of recommended locks here:



7. The user agrees to keep the locker clean and clutter free and will be responsible for any damages due to
misuse or abuse.


8. The user agrees to remove the padlock and the contents from the locker when notified via email of
upcoming locker maintenance.


9. By clicking "Submit" I agree to the above Conditions.

GSA Bike Locker Permit - Submit (Rev. 03/21/2023)

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